Royal Blue Jewelry Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 as a design, marketing, and service department for our production facility. The factory has been in operation since 1989, currently employing over 250 workers and has long been serving many reputable jewelry brand from around the globe.

We are committed to working together with our customers to create long-lasting partnership. We strive to improve and offer the best jewelry design and quality, as well as providing the very best service.



We are confident that we can assist you in your jewelry business! We work with oversea importers, distributors, agents, wholesalers, brands, and chain stores. Please contact us to let us know how we can best work together with you. You can choose jewelry from our creations or you can work with us to create your own original piece. Our main product line is sterling silver with semi-precious stones.



Our factory is located in a spacious area of 5 acres in Nakhon Pathom Province (within Bangkok Metropolitan Area). We are capable of producing up to 60,000 piece per month. Our lead time is 5–6 weeks. The factory currently employs over 250 workers. All of our production departments operate under one-roof. All of our jewelry is produced in-house.